Educators have the power to change the world, one mind at a time. We want to support positive change by helping mould a new generation of learners, who challenge the norm and move the world forward.

We feel that education for all should be at the forefront of education policy, providing all young people with the opportunity to succeed in multiple ways. A strong platform for learning should enable students and educators to learn from each other whilst providing strong real-world links. We, therefore, often question whether the current curriculum focused education system prepares young children for a future we can only anticipate. We challenge this, providing an opportunity for curriculum and skills-based learning, within a supportive network and knowledge sharing community, which sits within the current curriculum model. The nature of our approach supports teachers in reducing workloads, whilst allowing them to continuously improve their own skills, knowledge and understanding.


Our Institutions

Being part of Institutions provides your pupils with a voice that will echo into future society. A society that is grounded in industry-relevant skills, which can make things work and solve problems. One that we can all benefit from!

We aim to aid educators to contextualise the curriculum and link it with real-world industry problems and experiences. We will support pupils progress in areas such as team work, creativity, resilience, problem solving and personal reflection; competencies that will support them throughout their entire life. The Institutions’ network will provide teachers not only with opportunities for knowledge transfer, but also their own continuous professional development. Our Institutions are not just for the young, it is for all; it is a life-long learning community.

Pupil Progress

Creating or engaging with projects that are mapped to competency and/or curriculum links, means all young people can achieve, and focus on specific development plans, which can be monitored, assessed and reported on.

This means that pupil progress is still at the heart of what we do. Access to members and teacher areas allows for a personalised experience, teachers can create tailor made projects or borrow an institutions project and assess pupil progress at any point in time. The marketplace allows the sharing and discussion of projects and resources, whether they be teacher created or industry refined, such as STATWARS.