About us.

Since Primary Engineer was founded in 2005, it has witnessed how engineering inspires and motivates young people to want to succeed, not just in school, but in life.

Too many leave education without the skills to be employable and without the understanding and aspiration to find a career they can be inspired by. We see education as the cornerstone of society and young people as the heartbeat of those communities. Offering every young person the chance to succeed, make a difference and be happy, is something we strive for every day.  


Our Institutions

At its heart are its members, young people; they are given a voice to express their direction, the way they are taught, the way they learn, their questions, interests and fascinations. At the end of their journey through the institutions they will see the value of the professional networks in whatever field they choose to take.

Our Institutions are designed to replicate the structure of professional bodies that guide and support individuals through their career. It will provide networks and opportunities for them to develop as individuals and progress as informed members of a community that impacts on the wider world. To enable this competency driven structure, ONEDOTALL created an easy to use online platform for schools, where members can map and track their skills across various projects, develop their interests and contextualist them in the wider world.

Our Approach

Industry partners, young people and teachers connect, interact and collaborate with each other using the online community and social networking aspects of the software. This allows them to develop and complete meaningful, inclusive projects together, which raise aspirations, address social mobility and broaden horizons.

Membership to the Institutions will also allow the mapping and tracking of their skills, both inside and outside of school. This facilitates an educational journey that explores careers and develops an understanding of the wider world; its needs, its values and a young person’s place in it. The software provides members with access to a wide range of exciting “pick up and go” projects, such as STATWARS or member created projects.

Our Future

We want to shape a platform with children, for children, to help them explore the world around them, to get them involved in projects, in their community and to develop their passions and find new ones. We want to help them see the value in this, in the now and in their future.

Technology is bringing huge changes to society, technology that is second nature to the children who have grown up with it. We want to harness this second nature ability to build a global community with the young people it is for. One that fuels collaboration and exploration for all. We see a world where communities, industry and schools, both local and remote, come together to make real change, or just for the fun of it!

We can talent-spot footballers at the age of five, identify their enthusiasm, invest in their training and development and bring opportunity to them. Why don’t we do this for other careers?