We strongly believe in an a wholly inclusive education system, and we want to work alongside government to make that a reality.

Our focus on project based, contextualised learning, which offers young people the chance to succeed in multiple ways, provides a platform to engage them in careers related learningOur years of experience, in depth research and consultation process has highlighted the power of engineering skills as foundatiofor an effective, engaged and innovative workforce 


Our Institutions

We have developed a model that creates a bridge between industry and education, allowing the forging and maintenance of strong networks. Our portal provides members with an opportunity to engage in local, or national projects that benefit our society and challenge the status quo. This joined up thinking helps create a talent loop that benefits all involved, in an ever-growing skills-based economy where the ability to adapt and manage new situations is paramount. Our institutions provide the UK with an opportunity to lead the way in project based, careers related learning initiatives. Long term, we hope to engage in longitudinal global studies using our software’s data collection capabilities to track anonymised members along their educational journey and beyond, providing the government with important data that supports educational reform.

Our Future

Through each educational phase we see the ‘process’ of education change, in primary it is cross-curricular and project-based, in secondary each subject is taught in distinct subjects rarely do they mix. As the process continues the enthusiasm for learning becomes consumed with exams. Our current workforce are products of this process.

How would we fare if the future offered employees who were consummate lifelong learners, adaptable, curious, resilient, security minded, problem finders not just problem solvers. People who would be looking for professional networks to continue their own development and understanding. Clearly this isn’t a promise of the future, we can merely invite you to stand beside us and admire the view, but it is time the landscape changed for your future employees and for those with you now. Be inspired! This isn’t just about ‘Engineers Inspiring Children’ it is about ‘Children Inspiring Engineers’ it works both ways!