No group has more power in providing a real-world context to learning than industry. Industry is full of projects that make a huge difference to the world around us; they use their skills and knowledge to make a better world project by project.

Imagine an education where you can relate everything you learn and practise to its context in the real-world; an education system that allows young people to continuously contextualise and apply their learning to industry-driven projects. Imagine a world where those learners enter your industry, equipped with years of industry-relevant experience before they even step through the door.


Our Software

Our OneDotAll software provides you with a direct connection to your future talent pipeline.

Our portal lets you initiate and collaborate on inspirational projects that are meaningful to you, as well as to schools and young people, who you can engage with via the software’s collaborative environment, school visits or site trips. The competencies that can be mapped to each project reflect those used by industry, are academically researched and suit modern day and future job requirements. It also allows you to track your school engagement (CSR) and identify inspirational stories from your employees’ outreach activities that you may want to share with the wider community and press.

Work with us

Our industry partners provide expert support and guidance to member schools and young people. They encourage the reiteration of important industry skills of the future such as systems thinking, making decisions, problem finding and resilience.

This talent loop creates skilled, inspired and diverse individuals, who can bring new ideas, visions and approaches to industry. The Institutions model also allows organisations to engage with the wider community, develop their corporate social responsibility approaches and help us deliver our message of inclusion for all. The exposure that these partnerships provide also allows you to enhance your position as a forward thinking and socially responsible organisation as well as promoting your sector and its career paths.